Time to move on

This last week we had three inquires to help sort out problems with other manufactures products, now we should say now, but we can not resisit a good chat about whats wrong with our conpeditors cable labels.

#1, Old 2013 customer who had a bunch of old labels that he could not print on there new web-based software. After a good talk, he wanted the same as before, but on checking his labels are over 4 years old they will come off anyplace. My advice was to buy our new and great cable labels and if it was too hard we print them for FREE for him.

#2, Old 2014 customer, could no longer get his cable labels to print right, I did explain we no longer sell those cable labels as we had too many problems and real bad customer service. Any place sold him some new cable labels to fix his problem.

#3, Old 2015 customer had a problem with his old cable labels coming off the cables, once again very old cable labels that had being outside in a shed for 2 years, we did explain the shelf life of these old label made in the UK was about 1 year.

So we are now offering a trade in account now, if you have any old cable labels that you don’t want, we switch them out for you.