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Cable Project CAD

We will get started by selecting a new project entering the name of the project and then opening the Floor Plan.

Once the floor plan is open we can select and set the scale by zooming into the area of the floor plans and selecting scale, then just by dragging the scale across the opening and putting the measurement into the box, the whole drawing is scaled.

Next we will drop the outlet jacks into the location, once you have selected the jack or outlet you can just click on the location where they are required.

Next, we will drop the rack into its location by clicking from the Network section and selecting Rack, and dropping into the area.

After we have the rack in position we select the cable type to be installed from the drop-down menu and click on each outlet back to the rack for the cable installation, the software will calculate all the cable qualities from each outlet back to the racks.

Next, we can label the rack from the properties and give the rack and each data jack its own label ID and IP address.

We can then drag and drop the cable channels onto the install from the pre-installed channel and fittings section.

Once this is done we can check the reports, first, we show the specification report and see how you can change and add unit prices.

Estimation reports show a breakdown of the data installation in which the cost of the parts and labor can be changed or adjusted with the time required for the parts to be installed.

Next, we click on the Gantt Chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule and can be adjusted for time and days of the week as required, you can move job sections on the chart as required.

We can then add a new product item if required via name, price with quantity.

Cable Project CAD also lets you Create assemblies, this is a group of known parts that fit together by name code and unit pricing.

We are ready to view the project in a 3D view which can be moved around to check the locations and show the customer how the project will look with the completed installation and reports.

The auto labeling feature will auto assign a sequence to the data Jacks on the installation and IP configuration or can be assigned your number sequence.

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