The Best Quality Low Voltage Tools

Cable Comb Tool

Cable Comb Tool, Wire Comb, Bundler, Organizer, Network Cable, Data Cable Comb, Great for Cable Management.

Compatible with any cable or wire up to 6.35mm in diameter, such as coaxial control, CAT5/5E/6 networking, speaker, and alarm cables and cables.

Unique design allows individual cables to be into the blue internal hub at any time during use without having to find cable ends

The cable can also be removed at any time during use by sliding the yellow outer collar back and removing it through the large neckline.

Integrated finger grooves for smooth and comfortable cable pull without worrying about tool orientation.
Made from a naturally smooth plastic material that reduces friction and unnecessary wear on the combed cable.

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Specialists in cabling Rack tidy-up, Device Mounting, Patching, and Labeling products our knowledge will ensure your low-voltage infrastructure projects are trouble-free. We will save you lots of time and money.

Even more, our supply teams recommend many specialist products making any low-voltage cabling project trouble-free with better products. We supply the best and most cost-effective products for low-voltage and structured cabling around the world.

We are the low-voltage legends that have been doing this in all parts of the world on land, and sea.

Server Rack Accessories

We specialize in providing solutions and parts for low-voltage data communications cabling to the space and cruise industry.

Equally, we have over the years gained a great insight into the operation of high-quality parts needed on these projects. However, our service will help you check that the products that are installed are the best and include all the safety requirements for cabling on aerospace and cruise ships.

One-Person Third Hand

Third Hand

The Setup.exe is an innovative network installation tool, enabling one technician to do the job of two. It secures the weight of IT hardware, such as switches or patch panels in servers and network racks until they are securely screwed in. Mounted inside out of a rack, the Setup.exe creates the ideal workspace to place a laptop on or configure a switch. It is now compatible with 19″ rails with threaded holes and square punched holes.

Better than Cage Nuts

Cage Nuts are all over the server racks, and it’s now time to move on from the OLD-type cage nuts and save your fingers and time, how many times have we shed blood trying to pull the cage nuts in and out? Now it’s much better and the time and finger bleeding is over with the new Cage nuts. 

Better than Cage nuts
Better than cage nuts

Another key point is our skill of working on top projects, After many years given these points we know what to look for to stop things from going wrong. Afterward, it’s too late and because we will find these problems, time saves money.

Engraved Patch Panel labels

If you want your structured cabling projects to stand out, our laser-engraved labels are for your patch panels and data jacks. These engraved labels will ensure the wow factor that every professionally labeled installation needs. Additionally, the use of the Engraved labels will save you money alongside making your patch panels look great.

On any given day we are printing cable labels for our customers and our installation teams.

Finally, tested by our technicians and printed with our FREE web-based software we are labeling experts. As a result, we only use our cable labels every week consequently we have live on-site testing.

If you have any questions please get in touch and we will work with you to get you the right solutions for your projects. Our cable labels are very cost-effective and you can purchase one sheet or one hundred sheets to make sure you have the right amount for your project.