The Best Quality Guide to Cable Labels

Back in the day, we had apprenticeships, which included college and working in the real parts of cabling, and wire. Then a move into computers and more cables mainly RS232 and power cables for the very BIG SMD 32Mb drives.

So labels? apprenticeship days can’t recall many labels other than the push-on ones that needed the cable to be disconnected. In the computer cabling the numbers had to go on the Cinch “D” cover and for the faceplate we used Letraset.

Moving on we used a dyno-type printer later in the years, and from that point, we moved to Ethernet and Twinaxial cable. The face plate for them, and the Ethernet we used to have them engraved by a local company but it took weeks.

In the last 20 years more and more improvements we started using handheld standard office-type printers, but that was expensive. For most of our projects, we started using laser sheets, but from the UK the quality was not great and low reliability.

Jump forward to all these methods of cable labels and rack labels we started to make our own and they would meet all standards with great quality and save our cabling staff lots of time on site.

The best cable labels are made in the USA, they far exceed the ones made in China and the UK with better quality and reliability to save our guys and you the customer time and money.

Jump forward and we now supply the best quality cable labels in the world far exceeding any others, along with this our software is FREE and always up-to-date, with no sign-up or salespeople trying to upgrade you from the FREE version of their software, we never understood why a company would sell you labels and then want you to pay for the software to print them and just there products.

FREE samples
FREE samples and Software

Our labeling system now is 100% top quality so your low-voltage project will be cost-effective, we sell cable labels, Engraved patch panels labels, and much more.


OUR SERVICE is top and we are real people who answer the phone and have the experience to help you not just with your questions about labels, but also with the Low Voltage industry.

TIME-SAVING will save you lots of money, we are the guys who do this kind of work every month, we just don’t sit in an office selling labels, we are out there in the Racks and Data jacks sticking our own labels on cables.

Quality, Standards, and Reliability We undertake all these points together and exceed everyone more than our competition.

Cost-Effective and Easy of Use We sell the best cable labels around the world and any office laser printer will do your printing.

Manufacture and Stock We make all our cable labels in the USA and stock them in Florida, with backup on the West Coast. With 96% of all our orders shipped the same day with standard two-day shipping, your labels will be with you in no time.

So you have looked at the rest, now it’s time to use the best we stick with you and help your project from start to finish saving you time and money.