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Understanding structured cabling and having many years of experience with the best wiring systems across the world. In many projects from structured cabling systems to top-rated cruise ships, trains, and NASA. We test all our solutions in-house and on many of our installations around the world with new designs.

Great products are made in the USA to support structured cabling installations, the quality is better and costs less than any UK or European competitors. Our printable labels and laser sheets are the Best Cable Labels, Tested by Cabling technicians and printed with our FREE web-based software we are Cable labeling experts and only use solutions that work.

We have a true Global operation for our customers and make sure they get Value, Quality, and Innovation.

We are the guys who will not just sell you the best cabling systems and cable labels, but we are the guys who have worked in the cabinets, and racks all night labeling the cables and patch panels, we have used our products on over 75 of the top cruise ships in the world. In areas from the USA to Europe. Network Connections Group USA was born in the UK and now has grown to cover the world.

Installing and pulling new cables is now a complex job with things that the ship engineers would find hard to understand like no zip tie the cable, loose lay cabling, and bundle max limits.

All this along with the cruise ship’s extra requirements makes our consulting service a natural requirement for the network and safety of the ship. The days of just letting guys pull cable are gone, modern Cat6/7+ cables have to be treated like fiber during installation.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, We pride ourselves on the fact that anyone can dial our phone number or text USA 407 321 7394 Mon-Friday 9 am to 11 pm EST time.

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