The Best Low-Voltage Features


1. Step-by-step context guide

2. Library of components – permanently updatable

3. All types of networks in a single program

4. Over 15 reports

5. Cabinet and Rack Views

6. Patch-cords auto-routing in Cabinets/Racks

7. 3D view and editing in 3D
Network Diagram in 3Dview

8. Modify components and equipment prices and create project reviews (versions) for cost comparison
Costs comparison before drawing

9. Auto re-indexing, re-tagging of components

10. DWG and DWG components

11. Import floor plans in PDF, jpeg, bmp

12. Portable edition – work on USB flash drive

13. Modify prices and get recalculated project costs

14. Connections configurator

15. Check the parts that are not connected to others like outlets without cables or cables

16. Flexible scaling. The designed lengths will match the realistic scale

17. Auto cable routing

18. Auto-routing of cable pathways and raceways
Cable Engineering Services

19. Report export to PDF and MS Excel

20. Project export to DXF

21. Cable length and slacks check. Pathways overfill check

22. Ability to track non-attached components and equipment

23. Ability to track cables which are not connected

24. Ability to track pathways that are not filled or not closed

25. 3D view

26. Immediate project costs recalculation on modification


If you would like us to develop new features that could streamline your design or estimation process, please let us know.

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