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With over 20 years in providing solutions for data communications cabling to the cruise industry and electrical land-based installation, you will be in good hands for your any project, in fact, we are the only labeling supply company that has installed its own products across the world.

Dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art labeling solutions for any aspect of their network needs. Network Connections Group USA is committed to operational excellence, research, development and customer service in order to deliver reliable, effective and economical services.


Network Connections Group USA has responded to a unique opportunity in the Computer Communications Services marketplace, supplying hardware & software expertise. We provide a complete solution to all aspects of services related to Networking data & voice communications labeling requirements. Our technical experts will discuss your Networking requirements and suggest a solution. Data cabling wiring and the control of installation projects can be a “nightmare” even for the most competent engineer. We offer a full project management service to help plan and monitor the progress and quality of any project, keeping the customer fully informed from design to completion. Once the installation is completed, it is fully commissioned & tested before being handed over to the customer.

No installation can be classified as completed before the commissioning program has been undertaken and a fully detailed set of documentation has been established. Data networks, in particular, should have a performance & specification test conducted at the time of installation and the results included in the site documentation. This will provide a valuable reference for future inspections & testing. The item of documentation often overlooked is that of conformance certifications. Without these, many equipment vendors and maintenance authorities will refuse to accept the installation.

A well-designed cabling system gives the flexibility to install a host of services across your structured cabling including data, voice.  We also know that you want your network cabling to be able to support your bandwidth requirements in the future. We offer long-term warranties on cabling installations and can provide you with industry standard test results.

We have some 72 cruise ships installed with cabling systems all around the world in the most difficult working conditions you could imagine, over the years of installations we installed millions of feet of cabling, 120K data jacks and tested too many to give a figure. The installations took place at sea and in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and a few other places we can not talk about.

All these installations of cabling had to be completed in 7 to 14 days and the work was 24 hours every day and many times we would go from one project straight to the next with our great and effective installation teams.

Our wide range of cable labels all Made in the USA and ready to be printed using your PC, Tablet or direct from your smartphone to any standard office laser printer. We control the manufacture of all our cable labels and our technicians use them every day on a real installation of structured cabling projects. You can be assured that our Labels for Patch Cables along with our Labeling of Network Cables means that using our Cable Labeling System with our Cable Label Software will give you the best results. Many companies sell Network Cable Labeling System, but we make and use our own Data Jack Label and panel labels for our cable labeling project every day, which gives you the Best cable labels, quality, and cost every day.

Cabling Labeling Solutions for:-

  • Category 5, Category 6,  Level 7 and New copper cabling solutions
  • OFTD optical fiber
  • Complete system design services
  • TIA/EIA 606 compliant documentation
  • Evaluation, identification, and certification of existing wiring.

Our products are made in the USA to support the structured cabling installations for all Network labeling, the quality is better and costs less than any competitors, our printable laser sheets are the best-made quality. Over the years we have worked out the best solutions and labeling software that help you with all marking, wire marking linking this with our new labeling software make any cat6 patch cord stand out. Structured cabling with the best wire marking help and saves money in the long run, any Cat6 structured cabling wire markers that are not used or installed will cause problems later, our wire labeling and structured cabling teams know that the best in the market come from Network Connections Group USA. We will provide you with the most cost-effective labeling products. Our FREE web-based software and templates give you the printing tools for FREE to printing your laser sheets.  Same day standard fixed price shipping from the USA and UK with FREE samples and tech support. We give the best support for any wire labeling project from a few wire labels to a full structured cabling installation.

Tested by Cabling technicians and printed with our FREE web-based software we are labeling experts and only use the product our own Tech’s use every week.