Server racks are an essential component of any data center. They provide a centralized location for storing and organizing network equipment, servers, and other critical hardware. To optimize the functionality of a server rack, one needs to equip it with the right accessories.

Whether you are building a new server rack or upgrading an existing one, selecting the right accessories can make a significant difference in the rack’s performance, reliability, and scalability. In this article, we will take a closer look at server rack accessories and how to choose and use them effectively, we offer the most cost-effective ways to build your new racks and make sure they look and work great.


The PATCHBOX is a state-of-the-art network cabling system that replaces conventional patch cords and vertical and horizontal cable management. Providing the exact length of networking cables required. Creating benefits by accelerating rack maintenance and reducing downtime to a minimum. Building an efficient and sustainable IT working environment by preventing tangled network cables. With a 5-year-warranty – which also applies to the cables.

Save money thanks to the PATCHBOX. The cable system retracts and stores unused LAN cables safely and ensures they are ready when you need them. It also allows a higher density in your network rack than conventional methods. That equals more gear in the same space with more overview without the service of a cabling company.

Modular Cassette System. Swap cables in seconds.

The Patcbox cassette made out of high-quality stainless steel, contains our flat networking cables. To patch a cable, you just need to slide the cassette into the frame, which is then locked by its easy-click system. Unlock the cable stopper, pull out the ethernet cable, and lock the cable stopper in after reaching the desired length. Exchanging the cassette is just as easy. Unpatch the cable and it will automatically be pulled back by the pulley mechanism. Last but not least: unlock the cassette and take it out of the Frame.

Flat networking cables for more space

The easily exchangeable PATCHBOX Cassettes contain our flat ethernet cables. These cables take up less space, are easier to bend, and are better than most round cables. They are tested to ISO/IEC 11801 Ea Class and ANSI/EIA/TIA-568 Cat 6A Channel standards, RoHS compliant, and capable of PoE (STP: PoE / UTP: PoE++ Type 3). Our networking cables are available in multiple colors and variants: as shielded or unshielded Cat. 6a cables (STP/UTP) and also optical fiber (OS2/OM4) – the only retractable fiber optic patch cables on the market. In the rare case, you need to patch from top to bottom, we have a special solution called Long Range Cassette, which offers a max. cable length of 2.5m (46RU) instead of 1.8m (30RU).

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