Cable Management

We specialize in providing solutions and parts for low-voltage data communications cabling to the space and cruise industry.

Equally, we have over the years gained a great insight into the operation of high-quality parts needed on these projects. However, our service will help you check that the products that are installed are the best and include all the safety requirements for cabling on aerospace and cruise ships.


Another key point is our skill of working on top projects, after many years given these points we know what to look for to stop things from going wrong. Afterward, it’s too late and because we will find these problems, time saves money.

Aerospace & cruise ships
Aerospace & cruise ships

Besides knowing that other contractors can be from many different countries and always do not understand the high skills needed. Just installing the high-tech cabling systems is not just a job for a cable puller the skill level is way above that. At the present time understanding low voltage cable is a new skill, before Cat5 it was just another cable. Now the Techs have to know about Cat6 and up it’s totally different ball game and beyond most Electrical techs.

Finally, we will make sure that your low-voltage cabling installation is kept at the top of the technology tree. Furthermore, from one cable label to a million-dollar cruise ship or rocket we make sure you get the same attention.

Cable Labels

FREE Standard Shipping on all our Cable Labels

You should know we manufacture our own cable labels and they are sold throughout the USA, Canada, and the UK. Our cable labels are cost-effective, high quality, and designed by cabling technicians. We don’t just sell cable labels we use our cable labels on our structured cabling installation around the world. We have used these cable labels on over 65 cruise ship cabling projects. Our New WACL-49W (White) and all-new colored cable labels in Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green.

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