Our cable labels are the best

Our cable labels are the best

Today we had a phone call from a structured cabling low voltage contractor who had just had a major label problem. Seem that for many year his Tech’s have been using the hand held printers which he told me cost around $300 each and the tape cost per year for the technicians was hitting the 10K area using on average 500 tape cassettes per year and the cost of the printers for seven teams.

Tech Cable labels

He had just purchased some cable labels from a UK based company through there distributor in the USA and they had failed big time in his laser printer costing him another $500 to get his printer fixed. When he told me the company all the parts fell together. Bad products | No support | no help or replacement labels | in fact the only message he received was the “ITS YOUR PRINTER”.

I did explain we use to sell these cable labels, but dumped them for bad cable labels jamming in the printers and the famous like which is used by that company for every failed cable label sheet “ITS YOUR PRINTER”.




These are some of the Bad Cable Labels, see how they do not sit flat on the table. that is the first problem with these UK made labels, they will give you a sharp head trying to pull them out of your print with out leaving a Mark. We had to replace many of the parts of the printer with this manufacture.

Better white labels


After only three months the white part of the label is going off, and our great labels are not, one of the BIG problems is keep the white part white, we have changed out over 10K of these bad labels for our new white ones



We are low voltage and cable labels experts, we do not hide behind these poor excuses, and we stand by our products 100% and none of that bad customer service.


So we did the right thing, samples sent and a test order placed with a guarantee that they will work and no jam the printer like the UK made ones. We stand behind our products because our cable labels are great and we also use them on our own installations of cabling project, not just sell. Our web based software if FREE with no sign up (try that with our competitors)

So we are the cable labels team you want to be with, we will support you with the best products, software and real life installation expertise.

cable labels TCL-49