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    As the year moves on, we just like to remind you that our samples of any of our cable labels are Free. Don't forget our web-based software for printing your cable labels is also Free, with no signing in at all.

    This saving you testing time and money to find the right cable labels, our software gives you all the features that other charge hundreds for, you can import from excel and your test equipment and also add you logo in color.

    Bottom line is our software and cable labels cost less to run and install that anyone in the UK, Canada and the USA. Try them all for free.


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    We are ready for our move back into the UK cable label market in a Very, Very big way as soon as the UK leave the EU.

    The EU tariffs and all the other rules that they put onto the UK market will not be missed.

    Our wide range of cable labels, panel labels, jack labels and outlet labels all Made in the USA and ready to be printed using your PC, Tablet or direct from your smartphone to any standard office laser printer. We control the manufacture of all our cable labels and our technicians use them every day on a real installation of structured cabling projects. You can be assured that our Labels for Patch Cables along with our Labeling of Network Cables means that using our Cable Labeling System with our Cable Label Software will give you the best results. Many companies sell Network Cable Labeling System, but we make and use our own Data Jack Label and panel labels for our cable labeling project every day, which gives you the best cable labels, quality, and cost every day.

    Quality drove wrap around wire markers designed by technicians for use by technicians around the world. To understand every technician’s requirement and offer one on one support. Made for most wire labeling and Cat6, cat 5, patch cord labels, network labeling, these new labels as the best cable labels. This is a new design that helps the Technician install the labels in hard locations and the curse edge help the start of the labels in the cabinets and small places that the Techs work. Our new design helps the guys who have to install all these labels and although it’s just a small upgrade having installed thousands of cable labels over the years these small changes save time and money.


    We no longer deal or support Sharpmark Solutions products or software.

    Network Connections Group USA ended its distribution agreement with Sharpmark Solutions LLC four and a half years ago, we no longer support or recommend any Sharpmark Solutions products in the USA or Canada.

    We will still be selling a range of Made in the USA Cable Labels through our other companies | |

    the future, we are working with our suppliers to continue to grow our
    Made in the USA product line, along with our web software and structured
    cabling business units.


    New Cable Label prices

    LSL Cable Labels Packs and Tech Cable Labels

    We have some great prices on our cable label packs:-

    Tech Cable Labels

    $12.59 for a five sheet pack

    $179.59 for one 100 sheets

    LSL Cable Labels

    $14.99 for all 5 sheet packs

    $181.99 for all 100 sheets packs

    Take advantage now over summer before any price increases.