Network Connections Group USA


Was created to respond to a unique opportunity in the Computer Communications Services marketplace. Supplying Structured Cabling expertise.  We provide a complete solution to all aspects of services related to Networking data & voice communications requirements. Our technical experts will discuss your Networking requirements and suggest a solution. We can also advise on the implications of new technologies within your organization.


Data wiring installation projects can be a “nightmare”, even for the most competent engineer. We offer a full project management service to help plan and monitor the progress and quality of any project, keeping the customer fully informed from design to completion. Once the installation is completed, it is fully commissioned & tested before being handed over to the customer.


No installation can be classified as completed before the commissioning program has been undertaken and a fully detailed set of documentation has been established. Data Networks, in particular, should have a performance &  specification test conducted at the time of installation, and the results included with the site documentation. This will provide a valuable reference for future inspections & testing. The item of documentation often overlooked is that of conformance certifications. Without these, many equipment vendors & maintenance authorities will refuse to accept the installation.


A structured wiring system is a method of wiring a whole building so that any telephone or data terminal can be installed, moved, or changed without altering the wiring within the building.  Outlets similar to modern telephone outlets are provided on the floor or on the walls in a regular pattern throughout the premises so that they are in easy reach of any potential desk location.

Each outlet is connected to a patch panel in a wiring closet on that particular floor. Wiring closets are then linked using a backbone cable.

Fibre  Optic cable is often used to provide a high-speed network link between floor cabinets.

With personnel moving around the office at least once every two years, the cost of moving a person or a terminal could be as high as $800.  In comparison, patching and changing the related computer would be around $50, thereby making structured cabling highly cost-effective if spread over two, or three years.

Installing a structured cabling system, NOW provides a future-proof solution.