Our Laser printable labels for the identification of tubes and cryovials, microtubes, blood collection tubes, PCR tubes, cryo boxes, freezer boxes, cell culture plates, microplates, and other cryogenic and freezer containers.

A wide selection of white and color labels is available with either permanent or glove-friendly, removable adhesive. Fully transparent cryo laser labels are provided with either permanent or removable adhesive suitable for applications when there is a need for seeing the container’s surface or contained volume. Self-laminating cryogenic labels are also available to provide an extra layer of protection to the printout against chemical exposure, abrasion or fading.

Waterproof, weatherproof and wear-and-tear proof, laser printable labels for deep-freeze and cryogenic use are also stable at elevated temperatures up to +120°C and withstand boiling water (100°C for 2-3 min) and Gamma irradiations. Supplied in letter and A4 sheet formats for printing with all standard desktop laser printers.