Label Printing Tips

Cable Labeling Printing tips

Excel import the number is too long and when print ready option it goes passed the end of the label, like “340C-342-A0003” when this number is too long it will overrun the end of the labels.

The left-hand side you can see the long excel numbers ready for import and on the right the print out if not action is taken.

In Excel on the sheet before importing into our labeling software, you can wrap the numbers or text with the following command. The long cell use the command “ALT” “RETURN” so in the cell you would make it 321C-234 (ALT Return) move to next line, finish the numbers, you must use “ALT” “RETURN” standard wrap text will not work.

The “ALT” “RETURN” used as seen on left in green will make the labels like on right in Green.

How to make an excel number list to print on your cable labels, what you have to do is open excel, then place your first cable label number in say “A1” GB001.

Then click on the bottom right corner and drag the box down to the number field required.

Then Click on “Fill Series”, this will auto fill your data in the list and after this, you can save the file ready for importing into our web based software all FREE with no sign-up and yes you can import from excel.

Excel Zoom


When using excel spreadsheets to import the data into the cable label printing software, please note the ZOOM does not work for the Excel view.

Please click on on the “PRINT READY EXPORT” button to view your work. The zoom will only work for one sheet of labels and most cable labels using in excel are far greater than one sheet.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our company and we will run through it with you.