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Cable Comb Tool

Cable Comb Tool

Cable Comb Tool

Cable Comb Tool, Wire Comb, Bundler, Organizer, Network Cable, Data Cable Comb, Great for Cable Management.

Compatible with any cable or wire up to 6.35mm in diameter, such as: coaxial control, CAT5/5E/6 networking, speaker and alarm cables and cables.

Unique design allows individual cables to be into the blue internal hub at any time during use without having to find and cable ends

The cable can also be removed at any time during use by sliding the yellow outer collar back and removing through the large neckline.

Integrated finger grooves for smooth and comfortable cable pull without worrying about tool orientation.
Made from a naturally smooth plastic material that reduces friction and unnecessary wear on the combed cable.

Size: 4.92 x 4.92 x 1.50 Inches

Price as selected: $29.99 

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