Introduction to Engraved labels for Patch panels and Data jacks

Engraved Patch Panel and data Jack Labels

Are the best looking and very cost effective to use on your structured cabling installation. The card and adhesive paper labels option works, but has the user inputting data into some software program, then trying to print all the Patch Panel numbers on a thin line of paper. If the printer set up is off by just a bit the whole sheet will be off and there goes a $4.78 sheet of labels, 19 sheets to go, so set it up again.

Engraved labels we take all those problems away, all we need is the panel type and confirmation of the label size, along with your data and we do the rest. We deliver directly to your site or office in 2 – 3 days or overnight if required.

You Can see that the whole sheet was wasted, its too much information in one place added with the printer problem as the calibration always seemed to be off, after 5 or 6 sheets it cost you over $27.00 + time.

The answer with patch panel labels and data jack labels if the amount of data you try to get into one spot, with our engraved service we do it all from start to finish. Yes, you have to supply some information, but then you are off the hook and we will make sure they fit and look great on your patch panels.

We can make labels to just about fit every panel out there some of the more common ones are:- Krone, ADC, TE,  Amp, Systimax,  Commscope, Panduit, Siemon, Ortronics and more.

We can handle and turnaround an engraved order of 2000 outlets (jacks), 80 odd patch panels and 4000 wraps in a day, so we can meet the demands.

First, we need the panel information and confirmation of the size of the labels, we will work with you on this to help as needed.

Next, we confirm the number and information required and make the engraved labels.

The labels are then shipped directly to you or jobs site for the installation tech’s to install.

Once all the labels are fitted the installation of the patch panel will look great, we also keep each job file to make easy re-order of any additional engraved labels in the future.

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Engraved patch panel labels

Everyone at the Network Connections Group USA is or has been a cabling technician on site and we use these skills to put our company ahead of the rest. We are continuously developing our labeling solutions which comprise of cable label sheets, patch panel labels, data jack labels, fiber labels along with our FREE web software and templates.

We support structured cabling projects for all structured wiring products. Our network cabling technicians will help you select the right wire labels, patch panel labels for your network cabling installation. We have installed thousands of structured wiring projects for cabling installers from basic cable management to most complex structured data cabling down to the last few patch panels labels and wrap around labels.

Our cable label sheets and wrap around labels are tested and used by our guys each week, the laser sheet labels are very cost effective and provide the best solutions for wire labels and wrap around labels for structured cabling projects with patch panel labels and with our free labeling software, you will save valuable project time.

We know what the technicians need to complete the job and with our range of cable labels sheets from our own wire labels which are designed for cabling technicians by technicians with the goal of making life inside that closet more acceptable. We promise to make your working life better and offer that one on one contact to our staff speaking tech to tech, not sales department or a manufacturer who just makes labels, we use and install all our products.