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Cabling technology never wants to cooperate when you need it to. It can be frustrating and not everyone works with structured cabling every day. Whether it’s first-time cabling or you have questions regarding our cabling system or problems, we have guys ready to take your calls to assist you with your question.

We are open to talking about any problems you may have with any cables or new installation, we have tons of experience and troubleshooting problems all over the world.

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This will provide a valuable reference for future inspections & testing. The item of documentation often overlooked is that of conformance certifications. Without these, many equipment vendors and maintenance authorities will refuse to accept the installation.

A well-designed cabling system gives the flexibility to install a host of services across your structured cabling including data, and voice.  We also know that you want your network cabling to be able to support your bandwidth requirements in the future. We offer long-term warranties on cabling installations and can provide you with industry-standard test results.

We have some 72 cruise ships installed with cabling systems all around the world in the most difficult working conditions you could imagine, over the years of installations we installed millions of feet of cabling, and 120K data jacks, and tested too many to give a figure. The installations took place at sea and in the USA, Canada, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and a few other places we can not talk about

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You don’t have to do business with us for the call, we try to help and make sure you have the right information, we see so many people in our area of work just make common problems with the low voltage cabling, so just call and we talk.

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Call or text the USA at 407 321 7394 during working hours or fill in the form below and we get you your answers.

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