Engraved labels

Patch panel and switch engraved labels

Lots of guys say they make engraved labels, the difference is we have used what we make and our guys know about making data communications labels. Great looking, high quality with our own expert and our installation knowledge make us the best, so give us a try or ask for some FREE samples to have a look.

High quality, accurate labeling with friendly, expert advice, and a quick turnaround. No matter whether a job is large or small we value all of our customers.

Engraved patch panel labels
Engraved patch panel labels
Engraved labels
Labels made to order

Engraved labels are laser engraved labels for the data network cabling, IT, telecommunications, electrical, and engineering industries. Suitable for a wide range of applications from labeling patch panels and data jacks to server cabinets, warning signs, and electrical installations, our engraved labels are made to your specifications.

They do look great when installed on the customer’s site.

Engraved labels
Rack Labels

Manufactured from micro capped acrylic (Traffolyte style) in a range of colors and can be any shape or size up to (23.62″ x 11.81″) or (600mm x 300mm). We use state-of-the-art laser engraving machines which means we can produce labels quickly and cost-efficiently.

Engraved labels color
Engraved labels color

Engraved Tie-on Labels

Great engraved tie-on labels are available in various two color combinations, examples are shown on the color chart below.

Made from micro capped acrylic, which has a cap and core color. During the engraving process, parts of the cap color are cut away to reveal the core color underneath.

These labels are supplied with cut-out holes for securing to a cable or to cable bundles using cable ties. Our engraved tie-on labels are highly durable and flexible. They are also fade and water-resistant.

Patch Panel Labels

Up-to-date templates for all major manufacturers’ data equipment and can advise on required measurements.

Data Jack Labels

Data Jack labels are produced in a sheet format in sequential order for ease of use. Made from micro capped acrylic, the labels can have a peel-off backing revealing a strong adhesive. They are of high quality, durable, and excellent value for money.

Our dedicated team understands your need for a quick turnaround and can usually deliver in 3 to 7 days, worldwide direct to the site.

Send your details on our contact form or call the office in the USA and we help you get the right size and engraved labels you need for your projects.

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Engraved Labels

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