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So the hurricane has gone and we are still 100% in operation with no hold up on any orders or software support. It helps that we are a top electrical engineer and over the years of living and working in Florida and many hurricanes on land and out at sea we built a great system.

Our office is 60% run on solar power through the day and even into the night through battery backup solar system we built ourselves along with a wind turbine plus all backed up with a mid-sized generator which can power the whole office and living area in our office.

Our internet is connected and powered through a UPS system that takes the inverted solar power from the inverter, so the UPS stay live as long as we have battery power and lots of wind power which all stores the power in our battery bank of 15 x 75 amp hour batteries.

The only problem we had was a couple of bad cells in one 1KVA UPS which have been replaced now and we are all good.

Our internet is backed up with our cell phone hot spots and we are connected to a 99% uptime provider with our hotspot cell phone ready if needed.

We stock around 5 – 7 days of labels, so even without resupply, we can normally find one shipper working and in fact this time we only had one day of no collect.

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