Dry dock and cable labels

Cable labels and dry dock

The two words that really do not go together, but we know that cabling installers who work in dry dock on cruise ship installation, never ever use cable labels.

One of the hardest things to do when cabling a Cruise ship is making sure the ship engineers understand that structured network cabling is a technology and not a service.

Back in the day you could push and pull any old computer cable with no bad effects, well those days have gone and now we treat every Cat5/6/7 like a new baby or as good as a fiber optic cable.

Coupled with this we have worked with all the Network cables and had one of the lead roles in the UK of growing the Cat 4 cables into the standard Cat 5 we all worked with over the years, now moving on up to the Cat 7 type which has the own set of installation requirements.

Cruise ships all require the Low Smoke Zero Halogen in the main areas, but other areas can have standard cabling around the office.

Project Management – New Construction and Dry Dock

Dry Docks and new builds we have many years of hands-on experience at locations across the world and now with our great new technology, we can save hundreds of man-hours with our experts and online project management systems.

We are not connected to anyone suppliers of these to make sure the specification is first then we can use the right cables.

Equally important we could hit you with a very big list of things we sell, use and recommend, but we know every installation is different and we have relationships with all suppliers across the world.

In addition to working around the world and on lots of BIG and small cruise ships, sailed across the pond more times than we can recall, and have a 99% record of getting the job done.

Cruise Ship cabling
Cruise Ship cabling