Cruise Ship Cabling

Cruise Ship Cabling

Some time ago during a major Ethernet cabling job on one of the many cruise ships we work on, everything came to a big stop. The radio called me to see my location and request some help on one of the many cables we had set up the following night, “heading your way” which trust me takes some time when trying to get to the locations on any cruise ship.

On location to find out the problem the team had come across in the area that should have moved faster, to find all the watertight fittings ready to be installed in a lower bulkhead, which is a very big and time-consuming job, lots of nuts and bolts and fireproof rubber-type bits all ready to be installed in the work area.

The problem was that some cable or wire running person had made an attempt to go through the fire penetration with some cables before our own techs. The question always is why is it so expensive to run the cable on cruise ships, #1 you have to know what you are doing, in this case, another contracting company had employed this eastern European cable puller to install this cable.

Cruise Ship Cabling

The photo below shows just how low cost none qualified worker can cause hundreds of dollars of problems.

Cruise Ship cabling
Cruise Ship Cabling

So now before we could correctly install our Cat5e cables through this fitting we had to get the ship engineer, Fire officer, “IT” officer all to come to have a look and work out a solution to fix and allow our own cables to pass through correctly.

Not sure if the guy wanted his drill bit back, but afterward the whole event cost most of the afternoon and additional parts and two ships electrical guys to fix the cable we had to remove, the total cost in lost time and parts in the area of $750.00 bucks, not bad when the guy who did it was paid $12.00/hr and just moved to other parts of the project.

This is why Network Connections Group USA and Cruise Ship Service work so well.

We specialize in providing solutions for data communications cabling to the cruise industry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art communications solutions for any aspect of their network needs.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive partnership with Cruise Industry Services, a Project Management Consulting firm in Canada. Cruise Industry Services provides onsite and remote project management services and solutions for future contracts. Cruise Industry Services is a project management firm specializing in the Cruise Industry.