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  2. Low-Voltage Parts

Low Voltage Supplies

High-performance supplies, high-speed data cables, microwave/RF assemblies and protective cable jackets for many applications. They ensure data is transmitted quickly with low loss for the duration of your system, covering Cat6 cabling.

Our solutions solve many problems and protection challenges, deliver complete reliability in critical electronics.


48 Port Patch Panel Cat6 - Product Image
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48 Port Patch Panel Cat6

48 Cat6 Port Patch Panel

  • Flexible design (12&24 ports for 1U; 48 ports for 2U; 96 ports for 4U)
  • Made of sturdy, rolled-edge, anodized aluminum
  • Fully enclosed design for protection of printed circuitry during termination.
  • Color-coded for T568A and T568B wiring schemes.
  • Vertical Cable CAT5E &.6 panels are designed for maximum strength and are compatible with standard 110 or Krone Installation tools.
  • Our panels fit and install in standard 19 inch cabinets.
  • High-density 1U/2U/4U, 19, RMS (rack mount standard) design.
  • Meets EIA-310-D specifications.
  • Constructed from UL94-V-0 high-impact, fire-retardant ABS or PC material.
  • Pair punch sequence enables a pair twist within 1/2, of termination.
  • Beryllium copper contacts: 50,µ gold-plated pins over100,µ nickel layer.
  • Insertion life cycle: 750 cycles (minimum) / I.D.C. 250 cycles (minimum).
  • Operating temperature: -40ºC to +68ºC
  • FCC Part 68
  • 2xEIA Unit 19(W)x3.1/2(H)x1.1/4(D)
  • UL Listed, RoHS Compliant

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Cat 8 Ethernet Network LAN Patch Cord SFTP RJ45 Shielded - Product Image
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Cat 8 Ethernet Network LAN Patch Cord SFTP RJ45 Shielded

Cat 8 Flat Cable S/FTP Shielded

Our Professional Electronic Essentials are now better than ever. Cat 8 High-Speed S/FTP Ethernet Lan Cable , built using only premium materials and the most advanced technology.

Gold Plated RJ45 Connector, Premium High Speed, FLEXIBLE & DURABL, UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY, 40Gbps 2000Mhz

  • CAT 8 Ethernet cable : support bandwidth up to 2000MHZ and 40Gbps data transmitting speed, so you can connect to your LAN/WAN segments and networking gear at maximum speeds and surf the net, stream videos, music and other data at high speed without worrying about cables causing a mess.The Cat 8 Cable additional shielding and improved quality in twisting of the wires provides better protection from crosstalk, noise, and interference that can degrade the signal quality, the network speed is more stable.This cable is your best choice.
  • Anti-Interference Design : The professional network cables are made of 4 shielded foiled twisted pair(S/FTP) copper wires with 24K gold-plated RJ45 connectors on each end. Compared to the Cat 7 network Ethernet cable, the additional shielding and improved quality in twisting of the wires provides better protection from crosstalk, noise, and interference that can degrade the signal quality. This will increase the reliability and accuracy of the data transfer.
  • Cat 8 Ethernet cable Backward Compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat6e, Cat7, Cat7a cable standards.
  • More Convenient: Cat 8 rj45 cables are in flat design to avoid tangled cords and save space. Flat Lan cable is super flexible to make it easier to hide or run along any surface. You can easily and immediately install the cable run along walls, follow edges or corners when you receive the durable gigabit ethernet cable.
  • Cat8 cable has a maximum channel length of 18.3m (60ft).
  • Incredible Durable: Double braided nylon exterior make Cat8 Ethernet Cable more durable, flexible and tangle-free. And this sturdy cat 8 patch cord can be bended at least 10 thousands times, so that you can reuse it without any concerns.

  • Specifications :

    1. Bandwidth: 2000Mhz
    2. Supports: 40 Gbps
    3. Conductor Guage: 4 Pairs 100% 26AWG pure copper
    4. Connector Type: Gold Plated RJ45
    5. Connector Type: Gold Plated RJ45
    6. Construction: S/FTP (Shielded Foiled Twisted Pair)
    7.Conductor Material: Oxygen-free Copper
    8. Max Operating Voltage -UL: 30V
    9. Application: Smart Home/Office, Server Applications, Cloud Computing, Data Centers, High Performance Computer Networking Application


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Stainless Steel Cable Ties  - Product Image
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Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Available in 5" - 33" Lengths & 200 lbs to 485 lbs Strengths

Stainless Steel Zip Ties are ideal for bundling Cruise ship wires or hoses in demanding applications where corrosion, vibration, general weathering, radiation, and temperature extremes are a concern. Commonly used in industries such as mining, pulping, and chemical plants. Made with Flame retardant Grade 304 stainless steel. These metal cable ties are designed with an easy-to-install, low-profile, self-locking ball bearing head. They are non-toxic and flame retardant with an operating temperature range of minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Steel zip ties can handle a lot of heat! Stainless Steel Cable Ties can be installed indoors, outdoors, or underground if necessary.

These high-quality stainless steel ties are available in various lengths and breaking strengths for extremely demanding applications.



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We support network solutions and projects for all wiring products and our network cabling technicians will help you with your labeling installation and network cabling systems. We have installed thousands of structured wiring projects for cabling installers from basic cable management to most complex structured data cabling down to the last few patch panels labels and wrap around labels.
Over the last 20 years we have used and watched cabling engineers number and label all types of data cable equipment, we have worked in this field and used many wraps around cable labels on millions of miles (km) of data cables and computer cord labels.

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