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  2. GoDEX Thermal Printers

Thermal Cable Labels

We offer a wide variety of coated paper and synthetic facestock materials that can be used with black or color thermal transfer ribbons. This print quality is excellent and in fact, the label can become a qualifying part of your UL recognized product when using our recommended ribbons.

Thermal transfer printing is the most widely used method for bar code label printing. A thermal print head will generate heat energy that in turn will bond resin from the printer ribbon onto the label facestock. This will create very durable barcodes or any image you design.

You can choose between 1" and 3" ID roll cores, web widths and 1" to 4.5" and up to 6 wind options. Outer roll diameters can be custom selected too. This will suit whichever type of thermal transfer printer your company uses.

THS-205 Thermal Transfer Self Laminating Label 1.0" X 1.50"

THS-205 Thermal Transfer Self Laminating Label 1.0" X 1.50"

Thermal Transfer Cable Labels

Most popular size for labeling Cat5 and Cat 6 cable.

Each vinyl label has a white thermal transfer printable area for your imprint and a clear tail portion that wraps around the wire/cable to protect the imprint from smudging or smearing.

Provides a clean and professional appearance and makes identifying wires during trouble shooting/maintenance easier.

Film Type: 727 Vinyl
Print Area (Width): 1"
Print Area (Height): 0.5"
Print Area Color: White
Core Size: 3"
Roll Size: 8" (Max)
Wind Option: Face Out - Tail First
Write On Height: 0.5"
Vertical Repeat: 1.75"
Web Width: 3.2"
Ft Per 1000 Labels: 48.61
Ribbon Length Per 1000: 48.61'
Labels Per Roll: 5000
We recommend the use of BarTender software. Template BarTender
Product Specification download THS-205
THS-205 Thermal Transfer Self-Laminating Label 1.0" X 1.50" is a versatile solution for all your wire and cable labeling needs. Whether you're in the electrical, telecommunications, data communications (Datacom) identification, medical, or any other industry requiring precise labeling, these markers are designed to meet your diverse requirements.

Our wire & cable markers are engineered for excellence, providing a reliable solution for comprehensive cable identification. The thermal transfer self-laminating labels ensure durability and readability, even in challenging environments. With an emphasis on quality, these markers offer a long-lasting solution for your labeling needs.

The wrap-around cable markers are designed for ease of use, allowing efficient labeling without compromising accuracy. Vinyl cable labels provide a high-quality finish, ensuring your cables are not only identified but also well-protected. The cable label tag feature adds an extra layer of organization to your cable management system, streamlining processes in data centers and beyond.

Tailored for the demands of modern industries, our products are the go-to choice for data center labeling. Precise and reliable, these markers contribute to an organized and efficient cable infrastructure.


Price as selected: $359.00 

High-Tech Power For Printing Labels

High-Tech Power For Printing Labels

High-Tech Power with a Customer Friendly Price

"Twin-Sensor Technology" makes the perfect for printing on all types of specialty materials especially for retail and industrial applications

  • 300-meter ribbon plus the optional label stand provides maximum printing volume
  • "Twin-Sensor" technology allows you to use a broad range of labels
  • Available interface combinations include: 
    USB2.0, Serial and Ethernet
    USB2.0 and Parallel
  • Strong and stable mechanism design for long-term reliability
Print Method
Thermal Transfer / Direct Thermal
203 dpi (8 dots/mm) / 300 dpi (12 dot/mm)
Print Speed
5 ips (127mm/s) / 4 ips (102 mm/s)
Print Width
4.25” (108mm) / 4.16” (105.7mm)
Print Length
Min. 0.16” (4 mm)** ; Max . 157.44” ( 3999mm) / Min. 0.16” (4 mm)** ; Max. 73.19“(1859 mm)
32-bit RISC CPU
Flash: 8 MB Flash (4 MB for user storage), SDRAM : 16 MB
• USB 2.0 • RS-232 ( DB-9) • Ethernet (RJ45)
Length: 981’ (300 m) Width: 1.18” Min - 4.33” (30 mm - 110 mm) Max Core diameter: 1” (25.4 mm)
Control Panel
Two bi-color status-LEDs: Ready, Status Control key: FEED

Price as selected: $599.00 

We support labeling solutions and projects for all wiring products and our network cabling technicians will help you with your labeling installation and network cabling systems. We have installed thousands of structured wiring projects for cabling installers from basic cable management to most complex structured data cabling down to the last few patch panels labels and wrap around labels.
Over the last 20 years we have used and watched cabling engineers number and label all types of data cable equipment, we have worked in this field and used many wraps around cable labels on millions of miles (km) of data cables and computer cord labels.

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