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Our electrical labels are perfect for marking electrical boxes, conduit, circuit breakers, equipment and other electrical components.
These quality labels provide visibility with a tough pressure-sensitive adhesive vinyl. We offer standard electrical labels as well as voltage markers with a reflective surface, making them great for visibility at night or in low lighting situations.

HID card Labels 10 sheets 90 Labels - Product Image
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HID card Labels 10 sheets 90 Labels

Give your plain HID cards some style using printable labels & stickers.

Our blank HID card labels come in a variety of materials and can be printed using your home inkjet and/or laser printer.

  • Sheet Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
  • Label Size: 2-1/16" x 3-5/16"
  • Labels per sheet: 9
  • Type: Self-Adhesive
    2-1/16" x 3-5/16" HID Card Labels

    Price as selected:   $24.99 

    Wire Marker RWB-50 - Product Image
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    Wire Marker RWB-50

    Tech Cable labels RWB-50

    Easy, in your hand's method for marking wire and cable.

    Designed to give your wire/cable installations a more professional appearance.

    Our Rite & Wrap book is made of a vinyl coated cloth material with a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The white area is designed to be handwritten using a permanent marker or pen. The clear over-laminate offer protection of your text from handling and environmental exposures.

    • Write-on Area: 0.50" x 0.625"
    • Markers per book: 200
    • Minimum Wire Size: 0.16"
    • Maximum Wire Size: 0.24"

    Audio/Video cable labeling

    Security Camera wire identification
    ** Only 10 in stock **

    Price as selected:   $9.99 

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    We are the guys who not just sell you the best cables labels, but we are the guys who have worked in the cabinets all night labeling the cable and patch panels. We have used our products on over 65 of the top cruise ships in the world in areas from the USA, Canada to Europe.


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