Cable Project CAD

Network and More Design Software

Network Design Tool automatically calculates the lengths of cables, conduits, trays, trunks, pipes, etc. as well as it auto-generates the Rack Diagram, Wiring Log Book, 3D view, Bill of Materials, and Specification with project costs. You don’t have to manually do cost estimations any longer.

Cable Project CAD is a network diagram and cabling design software specifically made to do the following:

  1. Network Diagrams
  2. Structured Cabling
  3. Electrical Design
  4. Fiber Optic
  5. Fire Alarm System
  6. Estimating costs
  7. It allows you to do network, electrical drawing, stuctured cabling and electrical estimating.

Our product is easy-to-use CAD software that allows you to cut average network and electrical design time.

Network Diagram Online in 3D view

Network Design Workflow

  1. Create or load a floor plan in DWG, PDF, jpg, bmp formats
  2. Specify floor plan properties like height, drop-ceiling, raised floor, outlets and cables height
  3. Put work area data outlets on the drawing
  4. Lay out cable routes
  5. Pick cables and the program will auto route them from outlets to a Closet
  6. Set conduits and accessories

Automatically get the following reports:

  1. Specification
  2. Rack Diagram
  3. Wiring List (Cables List)
  4. Wiring Log Books – connection from-to
  5. Bills of Materials
  6. 3D View
  7. Labeling
  8. Network Project Scheme
  9. Cost Estimate
  10. By using CableProject CAD software you can save time on your Network and Electric design and do away with handmade resources calculations and MS Excel reports.