Cable Labels UK new telephone number

New Telephone Number

We have a New telephone number for Cable Labels UK.

TEL:-  0113 868 0127

The new number will provide over 18 hours of support, backed by the linking to the USA EST.

Coming soon with the same number we have text and chat.

Network Connections Group USA is the global data communications company making any cabling trouble free with better products, design, and value, supplying the best and most cost-effective products for cabling in the world.

We are the guys who not just sell you the best cables labels, but we are the guys who have worked in the cabinets all night labeling the cable and patch panels. We have used our products on over 65 of the top cruise ships in the world in areas from the USA, Canada to Europe.

Tech Cable Labels with the New easy start edge

Our new TCL 49 cable labels are getting great results and when cable labels have never changed for 20 years, now we have a new design and all the Technicians that use them find out they are the best ever used.