Cruise Ship cabling

    We specialize in providing solutions for data communications cabling to the cruise industry.

    Time after time we are dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art communications solutions for any aspect of their network needs.

    This year we are pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive partnership with Cruise Industry Services

    Project Management Consulting firm in Canada CIS provides onsite and remote project management services and solutions for future contracts.

    Cruise Industry Services

    Project Management – New Construction and Dry Dock

    Dry Docks coupled with new builds we have many years of hands-on experience at locations across the world and now with our great new technology.

    Save hundreds of man-hours with our experts and online project management systems.

    Cruise ships
    Cruise Ship Cabling dry dock

    Not to mention just about every ship now having the latest “IT” and the more important systems must be installed to the highest standards, we can deliver the control needed

    Your Ethernet cables are not 575ft long (175 meters) untested and expected to last for the next 10 years.

    Cabling Cruise Ships

    In addition one of the hardest things to do when cabling a Cruise ship is making sure the ship engineers understand that structured network cabling is a technology and not a service.

    Back in the day you could push and pull any old computer cable with no bad effects, well those days have gone and now we treat every Cat5/6/7 like a new baby or as good as a fiber optic cable.

    To name a few.

    • No more that 25 cables per bundle.
    • Loose laying of cables on cable try.
    • Velcro wraps.

    Our staff understands about fire protection and all the data and fiber cables should be LS/ZH (more expensive).

    Coupled with this we have worked with all the Network cables and had one of the lead roles in the UK of growing the Cat 4 cables into the standard Cat 5. Over the years, now moving on up to the Cat 7 type which has the own set of installation requirements.

    Cruise ships all require the Low Smoke Zero Halogen in the main areas, but other areas can have standard cabling around the office.

    Network Connections Group USA is not connected to anyone suppliers of these to make sure the specification is first then we can use the right cables.

    Equally important we could hit you with a very big list of things we sell, use and recommend, but we know every installation is different and we have relationships with all suppliers across the world.

    Working around the world and on lots of BIG and small cruise ships, sailed across the pond more times than we can recall, and have a 99% record getting the job done.

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    Engraved Patch Panel Labels

    Our Engraved labels are laser engraved labels for the data network cabling, IT, telecommunications, electrical, and engineering industries. Suitable for a wide range of applications from labeling patch panels and data jacks to server cabinets, warning signs, electrical installations, our engraved labels are made to your specifications.

    They do look great when installed on the customers site.

    Engraved Patch panels labels
    Engraved Patch panels labels


    Cable labels

    Cable Labels

    We manufacture our own cable labels and they are sold throughout the USA, Canada, and the UK. Our cable labels are cost-effective, high quality, and designed by cabling technicians, plus we don’t just sell cable labels we use our cable labels on our structured cabling installation around the world and on all of the cruise ships we have worked on.

    Cable labels

    We are also a distributor for Ziptape and sell a range of cable labels from small to big, along with our own range of cable labels makes our company one of the top cable label retailers in the world.

    All our cable label prices include two-day shipping on our website and the printing software is totally free with no sign-up.


    Cruise Ship Dry Docks

    This is what we fix. Any dry dock we will make sure that anything like the photo, we will find and make it right.

    The photo below was the result of very low-cost labor, used in the dry dock, when we tested the cable, we had to remove ceiling panels to find this.

    With just about every ship now having the latest “IT” and the more important systems must be installed to the highest standards, we can deliver the control needed, so your Ethernet cables are not 575ft long (175 meters) untested and expected to last for the next 10 years.

    Many dry dock and new builds have shown, that just getting the cables pulled is not the answer, and we understand the difficulties in working on cruise ships and the cable pullers that try to avoid the fire penetration or correct installation, we know and our list is very long.

    We provide onsite project management with catch solutions to make sure we don’t just check the box on a spreadsheet, but we look in the ceiling and check the installations for quality and specification.

    If you require any cruise ship networks installing or cruise ship low-voltage cabling, we will provide the cruise ship network for you. We work in dry docks, meet all cruise industry standards for data communications cabling.

    Most cruise ship networks along with the cruise ship computers will require data communications cabling, marine engineers will help with this, these cruise ship specialists will ensure the cruise ship network testing is done correctly, cruise ship networks testing is maybe the most important point. Patch panel labels and the cable labels along with our fiber optic installation and testing give an A+ installation.


    Engraved Low Voltage Labels

    If you want your low voltage or any installation to look great, then you should try our engraved labels.

    Lots of guys say they make engraved labels, the difference is we have used what we make and our guys know about making data communications labels. Great looking, high quality with our own expert and our installation knowledge make us the best, so give us a try or ask for some FREE samples to have a look.

    We offer high quality, accurate labeling with friendly, expert advice, and a quick turnaround. No matter whether a job is large or small we value all of our customers.