New Cable Label prices

    LSL Cable Labels Packs and Tech Cable Labels

    We have some great prices on our cable label packs:-

    Tech Cable Labels

    $12.59 for a five sheet pack

    $179.59 for one 100 sheets

    LSL Cable Labels

    $14.99 for all 5 sheet packs

    $181.99 for all 100 sheets packs

    Take advantage now over summer before any price increases.


    Ziptape LSL Cable labels

    New Cable Labels in Packs, we now sell in 5, 10, 50 and 100 sheet packs.

    Prices are great too:-

    5 sheets $14.99

    10 sheets $22.99

    50 sheets $104.99

    100 sheet packs $181.99

    Low cost 2 - 3 day shipping and much more.

    Free Samples and Free software.

    FREE Samples

    Print My cable labels
    Free software

    Cabling design

    Connections Group USA has responded to a unique opportunity in the
    Computer Communications Services marketplace, supplying hardware. We
    provide a complete solution to all aspects of services related to
    Networking data & voice communications requirements and now 5G. Our
    technical experts will discuss your Networking requirements and suggest a

    Fifth-generation wireless, or 5G, is the latest
    iteration of cellular technology, engineered to greatly increase the
    speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. With 5G, data transmitted
    over wireless broadband connections could travel at rates as high as 20
    Gbps by some estimates exceeding wireline network speeds as well as
    offer latency of 1 ms or lower for uses that require real-time feedback.
    5G will also enable a sharp increase in the amount of data transmitted
    over wireless systems due to more available bandwidth and advanced
    antenna technology.

    With 5G wireless equipment standards almost
    complete and the first 5G-compliant smartphones and associated wireless
    devices commercially available this year.

    By 2030, 5G services
    will become mainstream and are expected to range from the delivery of
    virtual reality (VR) content to autonomous vehicle navigation enabled by
    real-time communications (RTC) capabilities.

    We already have our range of 5G cable labels ready to go and in use on some of the first tower installations.


    USA Made vs UK Made

    For many years we used UK made cable labels on our structured cabling installations. When we started to sell the UK made Cable labels we started getting lots of problems, they reason.

    1. Not very well made #cablelabels in the UK.
    2. Customers told us they stick in the printer.
    3. They had a washed out look
    4. They arrived in bad condition.

    Bad UK Made cable labels on the right

    So the manufacturer always told us that it was the customer's printer and not at fault, so after failing the product many times, we sacked them.

    Supplied bent

    Front edge lifted

    So we moved to USA manufacture and never looked back to the company that supplied the above.

    USA made on the left | UK bad labels on right.

    Our wide range of cable labels, panel labels, jack labels and outlet labels all Made in the USA and ready to be printed using your PC, Tablet or direct from your smartphone to any standard office laser printer. We control the manufacture of all our cable labels and our technicians use them every day on a real installation of structured cabling projects. You can be assured that our Labels for Patch Cables along with our Labeling of Network Cables means that using our Cable Labeling System with our Cable Label Software will give you the best results. Many companies sell Network Cable Labeling System, but we make and use our own Data Jack Label and panel labels for our cable labeling project every day, which gives you the Best cable labels, quality, and cost every day.


    Power project

    With storm season coming in Florida, we are getting to the final stages of fixing power problems in some of the rural areas of central Florida.

    We have spent many hours working on this project and with the help of the power company, we found the problems and started the fix. What we found is many area's just out grow the oringinal design and this one was too much towards the front of the area, now to be split over three sections which will help in the bad weather with not so many outages.

    New switches and lots of little fixes are later and we are sure to update the plan once finished.


    Our Cable labels are made to last.

    Network Connections Group USA specialize in achieving state of the art communications solutions in difficult conditions under tight timescales, we achieve this with the use the Print my cable labels web site Labeling System. Graham Barker, Company Owner and Technical Director of Network Connections Group explained: “With the Print my cable labels Labeling Software and label sheets we can easily pre-print 90% of the labels for the installation before the job is complete, which saves us time. This is particularly useful for pre-numbering the installation from the patch panels to the data jack. We use the best system because it’s quick, easy to understand and very portable to the job site. We always come across old and new patch panels and the web-based system enables us to renumber any different panels very easily just using a laptop and standard laser printer from any place in the world. This means we can give the customer a correct, understandable number system for their data network.”

    Working on cruise ships presents its own particular challenges, as Graham explains: “You have to get it right from the start, when you are out at sea or in some other country it is difficult to get anything delivered, especially in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We have to convert many data network Labeling projects from Italian to US English, which can be a long task reading the blueprints and re-Labeling. The spaces are small and the engineering standards at sea are so high, we have to exceed everyone’s expectations.”

    Graham concluded that the key benefits
    of new web-based Labeling solutions were flexibility and low cost, along
    with the technical support for new projects, which he said: “Put this
    system way ahead of the competition.”

    For this reason, Graham decided to become the web-based Guru and we make sure that all our work on site can be used via web-based software on the phone, tablet or PC.

    Network Connections Group USA is the global data communications company supplying the best and most cost-effective labeling solutions in the world. Our portfolio of leading brands includes CLUSA, CL Canada, CLUK, TCL and across the world.

    We understand labeling and have many years of experience of the best wire labels across the world in many projects from normal structured cabling systems to cable marking on the top rated cruise ships, trains, and NASA. We test all our solutions in house and on many of our own network labeling installation around the world with new designs TCL-49. Our products are made in the USA to support the structured cabling installations, the quality is better and costs less than any UK competitors, our printable laser sheets are the Best cable markers.