LSL 77 Ziptape Cable labels

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    Our most popular self-laminating wrap-around labels. Cat5, Cat6, Cat7, Cat8 Patch Cords,  CCTV Applications and all data communications cabling. Ideal for Cat 5/6/7 and 10G – W 1.00 in x H 1.33 in x Print H 0.50 in x Wire Dia (low) 0.16 in x Wire Dia (High) 0.26 in x Wire Gauge 0.16 in. – 0.26 in.

    Laser Printable Cable Labels – LSL-77 1.00″W x 1.33″L

    One of our most popular self-laminating wrap-around labels. Primarily used in network cabling, patch panels, such as 4 Pair UTP, CAT 5, 5E, 6, Silver Satin, RG-6 Coax, RG-59 Coax, and other data communication applications.

    It can only be printed on using any laser printer.

    Protects your imprint using a clear durable film layer.

    LSL 77


    These cable labels are designed to wrap around the cable, laminating themselves as they are applied to create a durable, easy-to-read cable label. These new and unique self-laminating laser labels designed to cope with the increasingly harsh environments that network cabling has to tolerate. Cable labels spend their lives on twisted cables, exposed to high temperatures or harsh cooling, depending on their specific location within a site, so traditional cable labels are frequently pushed to their limits of adhesion.


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    Check out our new Especial Engraving service.

    So we make these great patch panel engraved labels for patch panels and data jacks and more. All you have to do is send in your excel data for the labels and once we confirm a direct fit, we have your great-looking labels to you in a couple of days or quicker.

    They stick really well and will not come off like some of the paper ones that are sold, but these also look better and we supply at a great price.

    Great labels


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    Especial Engraved labels

    Especial Engraved Labels

    Lots of guys say they make engraved labels, the difference is we have used what we make and our guys know about making data communications labels. Great looking, high quality with our own expert and our installation knowledge make us the best, so give us a try or ask for some FREE samples to have a look.

    Laser Engraved labels

    Our Engraved labels are laser engraved labels for the data network cabling, IT, telecommunications, electrical and engineering industries. Suitable for a wide range of applications from labeling patch panels and data jacks to server cabinets, warning signs, electrical installations, our engraved labels are made to your specifications.

    Engraved labels
    Rack Labels

    Our labels are micro capped acrylic (Traffolyte style) in a range of colors and can be any shape or size up to (23.62″ x 11.81″) or (600mm x 300mm). We use state of the art laser engraving machines which means we can produce labels quickly and cost-efficiently.

    Engraved Colors

    Patch Panel Labels

    We have up to date templates for all major manufacturers’ data equipment and can advise on required measurements.

    Engraved Patch panels
    Patch Panels

    Data Jack Labels

    Data Jack labels are produced in a sheet format in sequential order for ease of use. Made from micro capped acrylic, the labels can have a peel-off backing revealing a strong adhesive. They are high quality, durable and excellent value for money.

    Data Jack labels

    Our dedicated team understands your need for a quick turnaround and can usually deliver in 3 to 7 days, worldwide direct to site.

    Send your details on our contact form or call the office in the USA and we help you get the right size and engraved labels you need for your projects.