A day out at NASA Expo

Our cable labels are already used by most of the top rocket makers in their data centers across the USA, but today we talked to a new customer and had a great look at the new location on the KSC land at NASA.

Rockets It was great to see all the new building and the new structured cabling that will follow on the cabling installation.

The space area has taken off to use a PUN, but nice to see the area coming back.

Some of the new work that has grown will be great for both the business side and the growth in to what can only be growth of many new areas for our labeling business, some of the customers we already have on the space coast are also growing and our sales of the TCL labels had doubled in this area this year.

We have been involved in cable labeling for many years with the best solutions to the telecommunications, electrical and construction industries. We have been in the cabling market for a long time from installations of some of the early computer networks in the UK and the USA to know a worldwide installation and cable labeling service.

We are the guys who not just sell you the best cables labels, but we are the guys who have worked in the cabinets all night labeling the cable and patch panels.


One Big surprise today was to see an old friend at pier 5, the Zuiderdam which we had the great pleasure of cabling some time ago.

The ship was new when we started and we sailed with it from Italy to Rotterdam, then on to the UK.

This was a great ship and we also worked very hard and had some great times as well.

We had a great plan to jump on the ship, but these days are over and we headed into the expo hall to see what was new and what needed further investigation.

We understand cable labels and have many years experience of the best cable labels across the world in many projects from normally structured cabling systems to the top rated cruise ships, trains, and NASA. We test all our Cable Labels in our office and on many of our own installation around the world.

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The technology part of the expo was disappointing, seems that more and more contract vendors selling everything from socks to medical things.

So very disappointed, we did find a few things that sparked our interest and we made some great new contacts for some new business.

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