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Cable Project
Cable Project

Cable Project CAD is a network diagram and cabling design software specifically made to do the following:

  1. Network Diagrams
  2. Structured Cabling
  3. Electrical Design
  4. Fiber Optic
  5. Fire Alarm System
  6. Estimating costs
  7. It lets you do networks, electrical drawing, structured cabling, and electrical estimating.
  8. Integrated Label Printing software is coming soon.

Engraved Patch Panel labels

If you want your structured cabling projects to stand out, our laser-engraved labels are for your patch panels, data jacks are made to order. These engraved labels will ensure the wow factor that every professionally labeled installation needs. Additionally, the Engraved labels will save you money in the long run, not having a Tech sitting on-site printing labels @ $39.00 per cartridge plus the Tech’s time alongside making your patch panels look great.

Our Engraved high-quality labels made by our experts and our installation knowledge make us the best. So give us a try or ask for some FREE samples to test and see how we can make your Low-Voltage installation stand out from the rest.

Together with High quality, accurate labeling with friendly, expert advice, and a quick turnaround. Whether a job is large or small we value all of our customers.

Laser Engraved labels

Make your patch panels look great with our Engraved labels for data network cabling, IT, telecommunications, electrical, and engineering industries. Suitable for a wide range of applications from labeling patch panels and data jacks to server cabinets, warning signs, and electrical installations, our engraved labels are made to your specifications.

Additionally, they do look great when installed on the customer’s site.

Engraved labels
Rack Labels

We manufacture from micro-capped acrylic (Traffolyte style) in a range of colors and can be any shape or size up to (23.62″ x 11.81″) or (600mm x 300mm). We use state-of-the-art laser engraving machines to produce labels quickly and cost-efficiently.

Engraved labels color
Engraved labels color

Cabling Products

Specialists in cabling Rack tidy-up, Device Mounting, Patching, and Labeling products our knowledge will ensure your low-voltage infrastructure projects are trouble-free.

We are the low-voltage legends that have been doing this in all parts of the world on land, and sea.

Specialize in providing solutions and parts for low-voltage data communications cabling to the space and cruise industry.