Rural Internet

Networks and Rural Internet business solutions

Network Connections Group USA are the leaders in communication networks and structured cabling for all solutions around the world. Rural internet is fast becoming a top priority for most homeowners and businesses around the world and in many locations in the USA.

Network Connections Group USA is now working to consolidate all the options to bring the rural internet up to speed in the outlining areas of central Florida in the USA.

Right now most of the locations are limited to DSL or hot spots for the internet connections, satellite with very few options that can be used that will enable a reliable connection.

It is often said that internet services, like electricity or water or more like a public utility. Over the next 12 months, we are having some great steps forward and many new ideas and ways to bring you cost effective rural internet.

We plan to keep on top of all these new plans and offer our customers some great setup and recommendation for which way to go for your rural internet.

The NCUSA Group will be recommending service providers for the central Florida area, along with service that will help you set up and keep the speed you need along with our onsite check-up service and installation we are working to make sure it all works well.

If you would like to know more or you are a provider who would like to offer your service through Network Connections Group USA, please send me your details below.

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