Moving forward in 2018

We have some great plans for 2018, we are already expanding our UK operation and with the help of BREXIT the market for our service and cable labels will be expanding. The UK cable label market remains overpriced with some real low-quality products and our current cable labels and free software are doing great all over the world.

Our USA operation still is exceeding our expectation and growing at a very high rate and we are now exceeding all sales records in the cable label market, this along with our Canadain operation means the North American market if great for all our service and cable labels.

Our FREE web-based software continues to grow and although our competitors are following our lead we are not too bothered as the service to the customers is very bad. We have only this month exceeded our revenue targets in the UK and we have some great new customers.

Engraved labels continue to grow and with some special project in the USA, Canada and EU we expect more growth in 2018 with our cabling projects.

We have just won a contract to start a new venture in Rural internet and are just about ready to expand into South America which means an exciting time in 2018 for all our cable labeling companies.

Network Connections Group USA are the leaders in communication networks and structured cabling for all solutions around the world. Rural internet is fast becoming a top priority for most homeowners and businesses around the world and in many locations in the USA.

Network Connections Group USA is now working to consolidate all the options to bring the rural internet up to speed in the outlining areas of central Florida in the USA.

Right now most of the locations are limited to DSL or hot spots for the internet connections, satellite with very few options that can be used that will enable a reliable connection.

It is often said that internet services, like electricity or water or more like a public utility. Over the next 12 months, we are having some great steps forward and many new ideas and ways to bring you cost effective rural internet.

We plan to keep on top of all these new plans and offer our customers some great setup and recommendation for which way to go for your rural internet.

We have expert knowledge of all the major manufacturers’ data equipment and can advise on layout, required measurements, text size, and spacing etc.

Our dedicated team understands your need for a quick turnaround and can usually deliver in 4 to 7 working days. Made from micro capped acrylic, the labels have a peel-off backing revealing a strong 3M adhesive, which ensures that once in place they will not fall off. They are highly durable and excellent value for money. There are various color options available, examples of these are below. Please get in touch if you would like to receive samples.

In order to produce a professional product, it is important to stay up to date with the latest technology and machinery. Our laser engraving machines are state of the art and are exceptionally accurate in producing the finest detail. The material we use is micro capped acrylic (Traffolyte style, only better) formed with a core layer which is then capped with a contrasting color. The laser cuts away the text in the surface to reveal the color beneath. This provides a very durable, professional looking label which will not fade. Labels are backed with a strong 3M adhesive, which ensures that once they are in place they will not fall off.

Network Connections Group USA has responded to a unique opportunity in the Computer Communications Services marketplace, supplying hardware & software expertise. We provide a complete solution to all aspects of services related to Networking data & voice communications requirements. Our technical experts will discuss your Networking requirements and suggest a solution.

Structured Cabling is the backbone of any business. As modern business becomes increasingly data and bandwidth- intensive, businesses need a scalable, reliable and high performing structured cabling infrastructure. Having a robust and scalable IT cabling foundation can significantly impact your bottom line. High performing infrastructure can increase sales, decrease operational costs and improve product quality through the high-speed and reliable delivery of business-critical information within and across businesses.