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Structured cabling networks and telecom

Everyone at the NCUSA Group is or has been a cabling technician on site and we use these skills to put our company ahead of the rest. We are continuously developing our labeling solutions which comprises of cable labels, patch panel labels, data jack labels, fiber labels along with our FREE software and templates.

We support structured cabling projects for all structured wiring products and our network cabling technicians will help you with your network cabling installation and network cabling systems. We have installed thousands of structured wiring projects for cabling installers from basic cable management to most complex structured data cabling down to the last few patch panel labels and wrap around labels.

Over the last 26 years we have used and watched cabling engineers number and label all types of data telecoms cable equipment, we have worked in this field and used many wrap around cable labels on millions of miles (km) of data cables and computer cord labels.

We decided to put this to good use by designing the best and most cost effective labels for the cabling technicians. We know what the technicians need to complete the job and we have now includes all these into one group of labels which is designed for cabling technicians by technicians with the goal of making life inside that closet more acceptable. We promise to make your working life better and offer that one on one contact to our staff speaking tech to tech, not sales department or a manufacture who just makes labels, we use and install all our products.

If are interested in becoming a distributor and work in the data and telecom market we would like to discuss possible distribution of our products.
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